Lindsay Lohan attending the 60th Annual Women of the Year Awards (x)

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Lindsay Lohan in Speed The Plow Playhouse Theater London (x)

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Lindsay Lohan interview for Speed-the-Plow by Gaby Wood (The Telegraph)


The bar was so dark I could hardly see Lindsay Lohan’s face, but her bee-stung lips were the centre of attention, and her eyes expressive despite the shadows. It was her idea to meet there – not just the Connaught Hotel, but the bar, though another room had been arranged – and when I was summoned she was already sitting with two men in a booth. She got up to greet me with a distracted, tobacco-scented air kiss and a faint waft of something sharper.

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Lindsay Lohan for Wonderland Magazine, The Mean Girls Issue

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Aww Wonderland Magazine used my gif