Lindsay Lohan in Speed The Plow Playhouse Theater London (x)

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Lindsay Lohan interview for Speed-the-Plow by Gaby Wood (The Telegraph)


The bar was so dark I could hardly see Lindsay Lohan’s face, but her bee-stung lips were the centre of attention, and her eyes expressive despite the shadows. It was her idea to meet there – not just the Connaught Hotel, but the bar, though another room had been arranged – and when I was summoned she was already sitting with two men in a booth. She got up to greet me with a distracted, tobacco-scented air kiss and a faint waft of something sharper.

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Lindsay Lohan for Wonderland Magazine, The Mean Girls Issue

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Aww Wonderland Magazine used my gif

Spontaneous evenings with friends are usually the best… Lindsay Lohan, you are sooo much fun!!! Thank you Irochka, for brining us all together, was such a warm, cosy and fun evening!!! (x)

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Lindsay Lohan out in London 2014

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Shouldn't it be DCS not BCS???

BCS stands for Brooklyn Community Services which is over the center where she’s working at.

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I love when I see you on my news feed

Aww this is so sweet! Thank you ❤️

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